What does double chance mean in betting

Double chance in football betting is a type of bet in which the forecast for two variants of the outcome of the match is assumed. In simple terms, this is a type of bet in which the bettor plays against one variant of the outcome of the competition.

How are double outcome bets calculated?

Double chance bets are calculated in the same way as in the case of other odds. The payment of the winnings will be made taking into account the amount of the bet and the odds of the bet. It doesn’t matter what the final outcome of the game will be, it is necessary that the match does not end with the third option, against which the bettor played. Double chance bets can only be refunded if the game is canceled. Note that double chance bets are characterized by low odds – with equal quotes for the victory of the 1st and 2nd teams options 1X and X2 will have quotes no higher than 1.40-1.45.

Features of betting on a double chance in football

Double 12 chance is one of the popular soccer bets. Players rarely bet on a draw, believing that the odds of victory for any team are higher than an equal score on the scoreboard. Bookmakers tend to the same option – in rare cases, the odds for a draw are lower than for the victory of the 1st and 2nd teams. But a bet on 12 will have the lowest odds among options 1X and X2, if there is no clear favorite in the game.

Options 1X and X2 are safety counterparts of the 0 handicap bet, suggesting a possible draw to return the bet amount. The probability of winning such a bet is higher than that of a handicap bet. For example, if the score is 0: 0, the bet on handicap 0 will be calculated as a refund. If the game ended in a draw, it means that a double chance has entered, the player will receive a win.

Double betting strategies in football

In order for a player to win a bet on a double outcome in a bookmaker’s office, betting strategies can be used. The simplest and most effective is the fork . Before the starting whistle, the player makes a bet on option 12. During the match, the bettor only needs to catch a high odds for a draw and, using the surebets calculator, calculate the amount of the bet on a draw, in which the user will remain in the black in any case.

By the same principle, you can play with other options, for example, before the game, bet on X2, and then play on W1, or vice versa: the initial bet on 1x, after which the second bet on P2. But before starting the game, it is important to analyze the match in order to understand whether it makes sense to play with a fork, whether there will be a high probability of passing the match according to the intended scenario.


Double chance betting is a great way to reduce your risk of losing. It is easier to get into 2 variants of the outcome of the game than to choose 1. The amount of winnings on a double chance bet will not be much higher than the face value of the bet in most cases due to the low odds.

Double Chance betting allows players to choose 2 options out of 3 possible outcomes. The betting strategies listed in the article allow you to make bets on the considered type of bets profitable at a distance.

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