I Have a new chapbook out!!

Jovian Flesh & Fauna Cover

I’m so excited to release my new chapbook: Jovian Flesh & Fauna. This chapbook is an experiment in alien empathy and my final confessional on cults. It’s been in the works for well over a year now and it’s finally ready to read. Follow the “learn more” link for the full blurb and the download link.

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New Fuckcore EP

Fucked by Apple in Castlevania Art

Also recently released is the new EP by Fuckcore: Fucked by Apple in Castlevania. It’s about apple product and services.

Give it a listen

Some housekeeping

Better Everyday finished (go listen to it). To link to it, I’ve rearranged things a bit. I removed the links to my ancient essays from when I was a second-year in college. They’re not bad but at this point I don’t think they’re saying anything particularly enlightening. If you still want to link to “Lexical Replacement” or “Mannequin Allies” they’re still online and the links still work, they’re just not listed on the menu anymore.