How to place an express bet

Express bets are very popular among those who have decided to build their earnings on gambling. After all, bookmakers allow players to earn money directly from their home, and with express bets on football, they can even hit a real jackpot.

Experienced gamblers, in turn, consider serial bets only a special and very cunning tool of bookmakers, which is designed to extort money from a person. You can agree with this opinion, but winnings are also held here very often, and bring players the maximum possible income.

Who is express bets for?

The very mechanics of express bets are very simple, as they practically do not differ from their standard counterparts. The only difference between the options is that in express bets, players will have to guess the outcome of several sporting events at the same time.

In this case, the risk of losing your money increases significantly, since even one erroneous forecast from a series completely cancels the bet. But this also has its own advantages, because all the coefficients of the matches are summed up, because of which the player can increase his winning deposit several tens of times.

This type of bet is suitable, first of all, for those who do not have a high balance that can be overclocked on single trades. After all, if you put even 100 rubles, then you can earn up to 10 thousand rubles, if you are very lucky.

Such odds simply do not exist on single bets, and the risk in these cases will be even greater, since the events will be completely unimaginable and even impossible. Therefore, express bets are the best way to quickly replenish your bank without having a large budget.

What is the best bet in football by express

The most common method of setting up an express is to select only the strongest and most confident teams. One of the basic rules of a gambler in a bookmaker’s office is not to bet only on favorites, as a sporting event should be analyzed as deeply as possible.

In the case of express bets, you should adhere to this rule, however, only the “safest” and most reliable matches should be added to the accumulator. For example, if the leader of a football championship has a good winning streak, and plays at home against a team that takes the last places in the standings, then this is an ideal option for adding to the accumulator.

However, there are also other options for express bets, which are worth paying attention to. Studying them is just a must for both beginners and experienced players, as it will help them understand how to place express bets on football correctly .

Double of zero handicaps or doubles

As mentioned earlier, express bets are better suited for those who do not have a large financial bank, however, the “Double” express bet is very popular among those who have a high monetary budget. The thing is that this type of express allows players to insure their money and minimize risks.

If a person is sure that at least two teams will not lose, then he can make a bet “Double from zero handicaps” – H1 (0). Below are the fictitious odds:

  • F1 (0) – 1.50
  • F1 (0) – 1.60
  • Overall odds – 2.4

In this situation, the bet is considered successful when both teams can win. But the main advantage of this express is that if the teams play in a draw, the odds will only be reduced, and the person will receive a win instead of a complete loss. If both matches end in a draw, then the person will simply be refunded his funds.

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