How does the express bet work?

Express is a bet that many players choose for high odds and a lot of excitement. In this article, we will tell you how to calculate the winnings, when the accumulators are paid out, in which strategies such bets are used and why not only gamblers but also bookmakers love them.

What is an express bet

Express is a bet on two or more unrelated events. The slang name of the rate “steam locomotive” fully reflects the essence: if one carriage goes off the rails (one rate does not play), the whole train will go downhill. In order for the winnings from the multi bet to be credited to your account, you must correctly indicate the outcomes of all events listed in this combined bet.

Novice players prefer to make an express train from “sure bets” – bets on favorites that will almost certainly play. The odds for the favorites are not high, and the express in this case seems to be the only chance to earn decent money. Experienced players also use multiples to increase the final odds, but less often. And at the same time they are very careful about the selection of bets.

Legalbet always warns: do not consider betting as an investment. It’s entertainment, a way to add excitement while watching. And in relation to the express train, this is even more true than in any other.

How the multiplier is calculated

How to calculate an express bet? To calculate, you need to multiply the coefficients of all the events included in it. Usually the bookmaker rounds the result to two decimal places.

Let’s look at this with an example. Here is a typical “beginner’s engine”: bets on victory in the next matches of three giants of European football: Manchester United, Real Madrid, Inter.

The final odds for the express bet is the product of three odds of individual events: 1.285×1.41×1.38 = 2.5.

Potential net winnings per 1,000 rubles invested – 1,500.35. And if you bet 333 rubles for each favorite separately (single bet, or single bet), you will win only 95 + 169.5 + 126.5 = 391 rubles.

Two tricks of the express

“Express gives almost five times more! One favorite loses – the bet burned out. But if he loses in a series of three singles, two other victories will not even pay for it, ”- this is what many players think, and not only beginners. And they choose express trains.

In doing so, they overlook two points that distinguish any multi bet: multiple levies of margin and the need to analyze many independent events. Here’s what this means in practice:

  1. Mathematics . You pay the bookmaker a margin with every bet you make. In the case of express, you pay it multiple times. It is believed that the majority of players bet on the favorite, and therefore the bookmaker sets a low coefficient, “stitching” into it most of the margin. Bet on the favorite – pay the most.
  2. Greed . The main trap of the express is not mathematical, but psychological. It seems that the favorites are impeccable, the low coefficient quite reflects this. However, collecting a dozen matches in the express train, you will not be able to assess in detail every confrontation. In our example, the bookmaker offered the lowest bet to win for Manchester United. Sounds like a sure bet? Whatever it is! Of their last six games against Manchester United, Southampton have drawn three.

An expert in betting rarely resorts to express bets, and there are always no more than two or three events in them. You will almost never come across express bets in the suggestions of our  experts  or in the analysis of the upcoming match from the  betting center . Aerobatics is to find one or two interesting bets based on your knowledge and depth of analysis based on statistics. It’s not about collecting “press” thicker from betting on favorites with low odds.

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