Okay, so I have now completed the functional base of the new site. I still have to actually include any kind of design elements such as colors but at least for now the website works. I legit haven’t written any CSS yet or anything (or perhaps, SASS??? I still need to sit down and really learn more about SASS) I also need to run through and check up on things like color contrast ratios, screen reader functionality, and everything else to do with accessibility.

The old site’s design and layout are still present in Feminiscience and it’s almost painful to look at now in contrast to this new site and Sailing Rough Waters. I wanted to try to do some updating there but it’s literally just the _site output from when I made it as a class project so it’s totally not DRY at all and can’t be recompiled. The original skills put into it are also generally… not too good. It was the second site I’d ever made and really was only meant to be a basic frame for the content I was writing, which was the actual academic project. But the articles are still something I’m really proud of so I want to make their frame not… painful.

So yeah, current InfoGab to-do and coming soon:

  • Add design elements with SASS such as colors
  • Check site over for accessibility again
  • Minimum Income Calculator
  • Letters to Past Self
  • Re-Do Feminiscience Site